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some of the finest moments from the (2006-2012).



released May 9, 2014



all rights reserved


RI:SA Finland

Industrial rock project of Sami Jokinen from Finland.

Formed by Sami J and Riku S in 2006. During their, the duo produced 7 releases: 'Reflection EP' in 2006, 'Parabolic EP' and 'empty album' in 2007, 'Reincarnate_VIR' and 'heart' in 2008, 'The Maggots Are Satisfied… ' in 2010 and 'time never passed' in 2011. In 2012, RI:SA released only one song, 'success pt3'. ... more

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Track Name: success pt3
why did you come here?
you don't belong here

(you need to stand out
you need to stand out
no primal instincts awakened
you don't stand out
you're not symmetrical
you're not symmetrical
i am not impressed in you
you don't belong in here)

i send you forward
i send you forward
you are not wanted here
no one ever wanted you here
i send you forward
i send you forward
you are not wanted here
no one ever wanted you here

(i will make you feel useless)

(you don't stand out
you don't stand out
i don't care who you are
i don't care who you are
whatever you've used
to build your frame
in my world you don't even have a name)

you need to stand out
you need to fucking stand out
no primal instincts awakened
you don't stand out
you'll never stand out


all these years
i've been trying to get a grip on this life
but i finally lost it
i collapsed to the ground
like a dog
thinking maybe this time
he'll get his share of the feast
and then got beaten up

keep your world... so hollow
keep your gods
mating calls
social styles and identities
grotesque smiles
violence and suffering
temporary satisfaction
an endless struggle for better
i can't help but look at this world
and see nothing but hopelessness
there is no hope in this world full of success
this game is just not for me anymore
i don't want to know you anymore
consider me given up if you do
i don't care
don't waste your time on me
and maybe you'll become a success too
wouldn't that be great
shit on the whole fucking world
with your success
Track Name: offline
returning here feels like
i've only awaken from a dream
connection lost from the rest
they managed to do it after all

not much remains of me
you've only grown stronger

i look at the world
through a bulletproof glass
it's all useless now
no heart to feel them with

i can't hang on to them
this place makes me lose the grip

regardless of all the years i've tried
i know i can't hide from you
you're inside of me
and so a part of me
Track Name: from my world
this was my own choice
to die in this room

this will be the last
no rooms will meet again

everyone makes a sound
and all i can hear anymore
is what i say to myself

everyone has a heart
and all i can do anymore
is condemn without hearing a beat
everyone dies

from my world
everyone dies

from my world
Track Name: depths
since ive missed everything
worth experiencing
for all days ive kept looking for content

now i think ive come through

i can forget my dreams close myself
i can destroy my illusion

now i will be a machine
hollow inside

i will end like i started and someday
i've become the only one of my kind

i've reached the core of the world

now i think ive come through
with a decision
Track Name: inside... identities fade / come visit me
'i had to do it...'

here i sit expressing my hate
for every limb grown out of me
i know you know it well
how it feels to be a morbid, dying being
without knowing what's going on inside

how it feels to be a morbid, dying being
without knowing what's going on inside?
still every smallest needle, thorn, heat, cold
could inflict pain on me or you

and the visual perception in the dark
and how all kinds of fear and dread
surround us throughout our short lives
we are nothing to face the dark

i've come up with an answer
it is to never close your eyes anymore
those people, their identities slowly fading
will they help us see what's happening inside?

they wanted to get inside your head
to make their existence feel less futile
the things you know about yourself
will they help you see what's happening inside?

while we wait to get warm inside
i consider you my friend
since you know me

so well
come visit me...
Track Name: futile
yes i am awake
but sometimes it hurts too much to keep eyes open
the warm place where the voices wont reach
the voices tell me where i belong
but that place doesnt exist anymore

my dreams are wearing the same disease

today i feel like doing nothing
today i could sleep all day
and maybe stay up at night
staring at the screen of my wretched futile life

why wont you die
Track Name: sleep
am i a weak mind?
to suddenly accept the easiest answers

am i a weak mind?
ive been pushed back into the line again

it will tear me apart
the voice in my head

the voice in my head that says
sleep, sleep through your days

sleep through your days
you won't be needed by anyone

keep your head to yourself
none of the answers are real

don't search for them in yourself
you'll only hear voices from hell

you can't predict when your true self will unleash
have you ever heard your name mentioned in static?